EM Nursing Skill Course

  • Mission Statement

    The Need of the hour is to train and provide excellent Nursing care both to Trauma patients and critically ill emergency Department patients in India. We have well trained Accident & Emergency Medicine physicians but lack well trained emergency department Nurses except for few hospitals with skills needed to assist and manage trauma and critically ill patients which in turn can provide excellent outcomes. The Mission is to train more Nurses in Emergency and critical care as well as trauma which will Improve outcomes.

  • Course Description

    Now that we have very good, well trained Emergency medicine Physicians in India, we can compliment acute emergency care with excellent nursing care when it is needed. There is a acute need for well trained Nurses who work in Emergency Departments. Hence the concept of Trauma and Emergency Critical Care Nursing workshop was created. This workshop is focused on nursing approach to acute care situations which occur regularly in Emergency Departments in India. This course will focus on skill set needed for nurses working in Emergency Departments. It will be conducted by the Nurses working in Emergency Departments in USA working at Medical University Teaching hospitals, as well as ED nurses working in Community hospitals and rural hospitals with limited resources. The Nurses who attend this course will gain insight into Nursing protocols, knowledge about critical care medications and how they can provide excellent care even in rural hospitals with limited resources.

    Key Topics covered
    • Triage
    • Nursing Approach to Acute chest pain
    • Approach to Acute CVA
    • Approach to Trauma
    • Critical care medications
    • Shock Management
    • Nursing aspects in Procedural sedation
    • IV Access options
    • IO access
    • U/S guided IV access
    • Airway
    • CPR
    • Log Roll
    • C-Collar removal
  • Faculty
  • Course Coordinator
    Dr Lingappa S. Amernath +1315 542 3003 Email: ,
  • Registration Details
    EM Nursing Skill Course workshop Registration Details

    To Register for Pre-conference workshop, conference registration is mandatory

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